Natchez Trace Rental Qualifications
One year (12 Month) lease only.
Photo ID Required.
Rent $950 to $1000
Application must be submitted in person with money order for application fee, which is non-refundable.
$75.00 Single person or $125.00 for a Married couple. ($75 each single person, co-applicant or co-signer).
Security Deposit: $900.00.
Two years of employment must be verified.
Current pay stubs, 1099's or tax returns are required to prove income.
One person or Married couple must earn (gross) at least 3 times the amount of monthly
rent. "EXAMPLE" At $9
50.00 rent this is $2850.00 per month or $34200.00 per year.
Two adults (roommates) will each have to gross 2 times the monthly rent at $95.00 or
900.00 per month or $22,800.00 per year.
Criminal background check will be run.
Applicant could be denied rental for some or all credit problems, all things are
taken into consideration, if you have any questions please call.
* Any money owed to a Utility (gas or electric).
* Dispo's or evictions, rental verified
* Bankruptcy, Chapter 7 must be discharged over 12 months ago. Chapter 13 show 6
months payment history.
For a Co-signer: Multiply gross income by 55%. Out of this amount,co-signer must be able to pay
their rent and/or mortgage, all of their own personal debts and your rent.
Rental wil be denied if:
1) Incorrect Social Security numbers are listed on application.
2) If any information is misrepresented or falsified.
3) If any previous landlord reports poor payment history, unacceptable behavior of applicants, co-residents, or
their guest, or if previous landlord would not re-rent.
A co-signer will be accepted if they meet all the requirements above. Both Co-signer and
Resident must sign the lease.
No more than 2 adults and 2 children in Townhome or Flat,  No more than 2 adults and 3 children in a Split.